Initiation into RADICAL LIVING

    Feb 10-16, 2023





    requires a big step off the cliff into the unknown.

    If you wish to live out your most authentic, and fullest potential, there is no avoiding the deep inner processes of examining and possibly changing your old decisions and beliefs.

    If you wish to live a life in of aliveness, in deep connection to your heart, mind body and soul, this immersion is for you.

    This is an opportunity to build a conscious & intimate connection with yourself and apply the wisdom into your external reality, with high quality feedback and coaching in a potent community committed to each others success.

    You will access new possibilities, new perspectives, and new skills for creating a life full of vividness and authenticity.

    The standard thinking and behavior patterns you adopted from your parents, your culture, and your education system could be limiting you severely, both the quality of your relationships and your ability to respond creatively to the opportunities and challenges of life.

    We will explore ancient and contemporary practices, upgrade our thought­ware and practice new forms of experiencing life. We will train individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility.

    You will discover possibilities to:

    • Unfold your potential

    • Consciously apply the energy of your feelings for reaching your goals

    • Ignite your vision with unquenchable inspiration and take your next steps with courage

    • Be centered, present and effective in rapidly changing or chaotic environments

    • Shift what is happening right now into an extraordinary learning journey for yourself and the people in your life

    • Establish authentic contact with fellow human beings, communicating with clarity and passion

    • Dismantle the buttons that can be pushed in you, so that you can stay in the present

    • Create the energetic wiring in your being you need to reinvent who you are

    • Learn the things you were supposed to learn in school but you didn't

    This is for you if:

    • You want to heal and nurture your relationships past, present, and future.

    • You are ready to step into your soul’s purpose and consciously create the life of your dreams

    • You want to move your life from ordinary, to extraordinary

    • You are ready

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  • Awaken Thy Soul… Oh what a journey. What a ride!
    How can I sum it up?! I’m not really sure…
    But I do know one thing, and it is that my life has changed completely.
    This week was so much harder than I could’ve expected. But I realized that change hurts (maybe because Charlotte kept screaming “CHANGE HURTS!” - in the kindest voice and with the most sincere smile - whenever someone wanted to give up on themselves).
    This week I felt things I didn’t even know existed within me.
    I made deep emotional connections with people who were complete strangers to me a few days before. I feel so much love for my tribe and I received sooo much love from them.
    My heart melted.
    I feel exposed.
    I’ve stretched my boundaries while finding my center and rooting my core.
    I feel expanded.
    There are new things bubbling inside. Things that were numb and now are entering my awareness.
    I feel truly awakened in my body, mind and soul.
    Jeff, Charlotte, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, showing me your hearts, and giving me actual and practical tools to continue on this path of learning, expanding, and awakening my soul!
    Oneg Friedman
    Artist & Master of Child Clinical Psychology
    Age 28
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    ATS Costa Rica 2021

    Where do I begin.... Flying down, I was under the impression that this was going to be a yoga based "retreat"...by the end, I was pleasantly surprised on how much more it offered me on multiple levels, and I left yearning for more. This trip, this initiation, was a life changing experience and altered my path moving forward.
    The vegan food was amazing, best I've ever had. The Thea retreat venue was beautiful, calming, and tranquil. We lucked out with great weather and had epic sunsets every night.
    Charlotte and Jeff are a thoughtful teaching dynamic duo whose respective knowledge & skill sets complement each other more than I think they realize.
    I came to the initiation on the brink of giving up on my current path, which by the end, I realized was more of a "loop" that was so overdue to be broken and more importantly let go of. I arrived with many questions and problems to share, along with asking for emotional help for the 1st time in my adult life. I was so grateful to leave with honest feedback, answers, and solutions to put into practice.
    For those of you considering to take this journey and accept the initiation opportunity, consider this;
    Look at this as an investment in yourself and your well being, from an emotional, mental, and physical perspective. What you will learn and gain from Charlotte & Jeff is invaluable in your circle of life moving forward.
    Constructive questions will be asked. Propositions will be made. Deeply rooted emotions & feelings will be uncorked. Productive feedback and learnings will be derived via the connection "experiments" in the daily workshops. Genuine, raw, true love will be shared with each other.... Tribe will be forged and you will leave with unbreakable human connections that you can lean on for support along your new path.
    2 quotes to share that ring so true in hindsight;
    • “Community (Tribe) is so important. Isolation is perhaps the singular root of all disease. It is impossible to start on a healing mission alone.”
    • “A goal without a plan, is just a dream”
    Mike Flaherty
    Crypto/Skier/Yoga Enthusiast
    Age 40
    Lake Tahoe, NV
    ATS Costa Rica 2021

    It is hard to sum up into words the unique, transformative experience that took place.
    Yes, I knew going in that we were going to practice a lot of breath work, and actively try to awaken our emotions, but what this week turned out to be was a life changing experience, a start of a deep emotional healing process.
    Already after the first day, I looked at myself in the mirror in the morning, and something was different. I was very excited for what the week ahead had for me, and it was beyond all expectations.
    A real tribe was formed, as we all supported each other in the processes that arose.
    My body received a much needed cleansing with the 2.5 days of delicious juice diet, as well as the amazing raw and vegan foods prepared by the superchef Lisa.
    The workshops, breath-work, and yoga, led by Jeff and Charlotte, who I am so lucky and proud to have had the chance to learn from in this lifetime, gave me the tools to keep the flames of feelings and emotions alive after this week. What a transformation this has been.
    I hope Jeff and Charlotte will continue to spread this knowledge and I hope that this important work reaches many people. I will certainly do my part in passing forward the lessons I have learned.
    The heart is wide open!
    Guy Shamir
    Software Project Manager & Philosophy Enthusiast
    Age 29
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    ATS Costa Rica 2022

    If you’re wondering what we were doing in Montana…
    We were :
    Diving deep into our selves.
    Experiencing the fullness of our emotions.
    Creating new maps to understand our reality.
    Moving in and through past wounds.
    Taking responsibility for our stories.
    Making new choices for our lives.
    It was big. It was so incredibly scary in so many moments. But that’s what transformation is. We find it at our edge, in our discomfort. I was at my edge all week, sifting through layers of self, deepening. Growing. Crying. SCREAMING. Laughing. Playing. Being. But honestly mostly crying & screaming.
    I am so grateful for this container. For this new knowledge and understanding of my world. So eager to continue to apply this understanding to my life and relationships. So grateful to have a partner who has the same context so we can continue to deepen & grow, together. Excited to bring this into my work, and share these new maps of understanding with the world.
    Thank you to the space holders Jeff & Charlotte for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and medicine with us.
    Thank you to my team, for showing up, sitting in the discomfort, doing the work, being my mirror, and allowing your vulnerability to permeate you to your core.
    Above all else, thank you to my love, Spencer, for opening me to this work, brining me into this space, seeing me deeply, holding me tenderly & all the while holding me accountable. You are a true gift. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the healing love we share. I love you.
    Shosh Rose
    Holistic Therapist & Psychedelic Integration Specialist
    Age 29
    ATS Montana 2022


    I had no fucking idea what I was about to dive into.
    I was sprinting to the edge of my unknown, yet with a deep knowing there was something massive waiting for me on the other side.
    I had never showed up to an airport without a flight booked, less than an hour before departure and having a suitcase of miscellaneous items packed in the rush of beating the clock.
    What I didn’t know - I had entered one of the scariest initiations of my life.
    What felt like the longest, most integrated Ayahuasca ceremony, accompanied by raw vulnerability in the space of others - who began as strangers.
    I believe I’ve never cried so much in my life. Purged so much emotional baggage. Embodied anger in a way that was so healing and powerful. and connected with soul tribe in the most vast forms, as we unraveled ourselves layer by layer.
    It felt so primal, so authentic, so beautiful - to witness, to be apart of something greater than myself.
    It felt like an emotional bootcamp, an open space to run with rapid learning and apply it to the deepest forms of healing. To see my wounds and shadows in the reflection of another. To be held in a space of transformation, even in the scary silence.
    So many times I wanted to run and hide. I wanted to leave the room and never return. But I stayed. Even in the scariest moments (like when I was put in the Frying Pan 🔥)
    But what I came out with on the other side of this initiation was a sense of peace, clarity, grounding and wholeness, that I can truly say I’ve never felt before.
    My soul has AWAKENED
    Thank you to each one of you who shared this space, shed tears, journeyed into the unknown, pushed my edge, helped me see parts of me I never wanted to see, encouraged me to keep going, screamed at the top of our lungs, held a mirror in the face of my gremlin, and shot down our limiting beliefs out of the sky!
    BANG!!!! 💥
    I am the fullest version of Nicolette I’ve ever been.
    Nicolette Luna
    Self Love Guide & Sensual Embodiment Photographer
    Age 33
    San Diego, CA
    ATS Montana 2022

    Awaken thy soul for me was about un-raveling the inside of my body. It gave me the tools to understand why I was carrying trauma from the past, and then work through it. I came with a spirit that wasn’t ready to take responsibility for my life and now I feel like I am responsible for my life. Feedback is gold.
    Andrew Vetter
    Musician & Producer
    Age 28
    San Diego, CA
    ATS Montana 2022

    Awaken thy soul was an intense opportunity for evolution. From the beginning I was out of my comfort zone, but being in that discomfort was exactly the thing that allowed me to push myself into a place of deep self discovery. Every day I fell more and more in love with the people on this journey as we practiced making our emotions big and celebrating them, learning new tangible structures for understanding ourselves and others, and opening ourselves with a beautiful and challenging kundalini practice.
    Our setting in Montana was stunning. I felt so held by Mother Nature, and that allowed me to open myself up even more.
    All of the lessons and maps we built have trickled into all parts of my life since returning home. I feel I’m able to approach my emotional development with a new language that is so beneficial to have, and an honor to share with the people in my life. The immersion has also brought a sense of momentum to my life. Allowing myself to fully feel who I am in those days has allowed me to do the same since, at least in part, and now I get to carry this brilliant experience with me forever. Thank you Jeff and Charlotte for your space holding, guidance, vulnerability, passion, and love.
    Spencer Merage
    Medicine Man & Sound Healer
    Age 29
    Denver, CO
    ATS Montana 2022

    As soon as I heard Jeff and Charlotte were putting on ATS, my heart knew I needed to be there. I had missed the first one in December of last year and I couldn’t let that happen again. I had no idea what to expect for the week but I knew it was exactly what I needed. I knew it would be hard, as I have been working with Jeff and Charlotte in 1:1 containers but had no idea of the intensity of the week. As hard as it was and the few times I wanted to leave, I truly believe it was the intensity of being in that fire for an entire week that created what was necessary to make the changes in me. To work with others in person also was so powerful and needed to truly awaken my soul. It was magical leaving there a different person than when I arrived. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities and for the life changing experiences created in this immersion. I feel so much more connected to who I am and what I’m here to offer the world and very aware of the responsibility I have as an adult. Thank you for the community. These people were strangers on day one and my family whom I love so dearly by the end of the week. I am so grateful for all of the feedback and support. Thank you for the opportunities to go deep into myself, to create deep intimacy within myself and with other humans. Thank you for new thoughtware upgrades, the ability to access new possibilities, new perspectives and new skills for creating a beautiful authentic life. Thank you Jeff and Charlotte from the deepest part of my heart for what you are doing for the world. For all of us. It was truly life changing and thank you for helping me step into my souls purpose.
    Linda Drummond
    Creatrix, Mother & Healer
    Age 44
    Manitoba, Canada
    ATS Montana 2022

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